The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★½

sometimes a lady likes to have some fun

Yorgos Lanthimos, a name I’ve quite enjoyed in the film world. His previous works are something to be awed at and to some extent he brings that eccentric charm to this one. Tbh out of all those oscar noms I hope this wins them all cause the technical passion in this is off the roof! The music score is so elegant but in a more variety posh way. Not to mention Robbie Ryan’s eye who gives us such expanded sight on timely subtext in amazing wide/close-up shots. Also this is one of the films where the editing is fucking priceless, props to Yorgos Mavropsaridis very well-done. As stunningly beautiful and extremely talented our two young leads are it’s definitely Olivia Colman who stole the show and chewed every exquisite set piece she was in. Her meeky high-class comedic timing was just so off guard and interesting. Thanks to the aid of the upscale wardrobe and impressive-to-look at costume designs.

That being said...aside from Lanthimos talents, this is just a basic period story that feels like others before it. Though intriguing it just left me not engaged. My eyes were fed more than my brain and that’s not saying the plot isn’t good it just didn’t interest me. Now Lanthimos’s humor is very darkly ambitious and worked quite well in his attributes before...but besides a few chuckles mostly from Queen Anne, it came off too vapid especially mixed with the time period setting of their aged comedy. As a technical history outlook it worked but I think more to it, it tastes just like any other from that particular genre with a few idiosyncratic traits. 

In hindsight this deserves the praise for the performances, on the visual and audio levels but anything more than that feels too gullible. I going to rewatch it soon to possibly renew my rating but atm I feel comfortable with the score.

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