The Wailing

The Wailing ★★★½

I adore South Korean cinema, especially their horror films. They make America look like a bunch of sissy bitches nowadays and that's frustratingly sad. Every film that comes from there I seem to enjoy more and more every time.

Going into this one from hearing so much hype about and don't get me wrong I enjoyed it a lot, it's just the first hour took me so long to get into because it spent so much time with gathering different things that really became irrelevant towards the end. Like there was a scene mid-ways in the film that was really cool, but by the end I thought "That scene had no point, cause it made no sense.", and I really couldn't connect with any of the characters, but besides that I got hooked.

Now the ending was pretty cool, somewhat predictable but awesome. I enjoy the  lingering horror and the stylish directing. Like it was some sort of folk tale (which I love). But I don't want to say more about it.

If you enjoyed Oldboy, I Saw The Devil or their other films in general,  I say give this a try.