Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

This is a movie best enjoyed at home by yourself, and not just because my theater had a fire alarm go off 5 minutes before the end. 

The jovial laughing of other members of the audience could not have taken more away from my enjoyment and experience. When I watch black comedy like this, I don’t find myself wanting to burst into laughter, the comedy just communicates the sadness and fear and seriousness of the story in a different way. I think many scenes in Jojo Rabbit did just that. I like the silly bizarreness of the concept and the exaggerated style that the film tries to keep a grasp on, although it slips from time to time. Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen are best at staying in the bizarre, offbeat style, and both give incredible performances. The visual elements and the costuming in the movie are picture perfect, and it’s an overall enjoyable experience.

However, it seems to have missed the mark on the exact mood it’s trying to land on. The joyful and whimsical tone set throughout rarely lends itself to the more serious and weighty moments, and instead leaves them to tear the audience out of the world they’re living in within the film. The one time they work hand in hand is in the final battle sequence, which really nails the strange and unsettling nature the film dances around the rest of the time.

In conclusion, I liked it but I wish it was weirder!

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