Scarface ★★★★★

Its just there on Netflix and it be calling me man! It be calling me! Pacino most iconic role. I dare say more than Michael Corleone. A member of the Mariel Cuban crime element that Castro so famously declared "we flushed our toilets on America" in 1980, comes Tony Montana. A fearless marielito dead set on owning "The world chico. And everything in it" Oliver Stone's foul mouthed brilliant screenplay and DePalma at the peak of his powers. A director that mostly worked on psychosexual thrillers, who knew he had this vision, that he had this epic in him? Every scene is by now a classic. From the first interrogation scene down to the last frame of Tony floating face down on his own indoor fountain. Who can forget the colombians at the Sun Ray Hotel? Frank Lopez meeting Tony and Manny and Elvira Hancock dancing and being a bitchy blonde? Omar hanging from a helicopter down in Colombia? Mama Montana putting Tony in his place, perhaps my favorite scene. She blows him away worse than that last shotgun blast to the back at the end. "He was a bum then and he's a bum now" I get chills on that scene. Miriam Colon is brilliant on that one scene. Gina should've listened to Mama Montana. We also have the Babylon shootout with poor Octavio getting machine gunned to death for acting silly on a disco. The late night talk and takeover at Lopez Motors. Ernie getting a job. Montana rising to the top of the cocaine empire, Tony snorting like a vacuum cleaner, the Seiddlebaum deal, the "Say goodnight to the bad guy" dinner, Sosa's problem in New York, the car bomb and Alberto not listening to Tony, Manny's fatal honeymoon and of course Tony's last stand. This is a crime masterpiece of the 20th century.

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