The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

England. During the foppish guys in big ass wigs era! This is Tales of Ribaldry! Without Evelyn Quince of course. It's the story of Queen Anne. Suffering from weird rashes or extreme psoriasis, overweight, no box of chocolates for her! Her right...hand...girl? Lady Marlborough, she's feisty, smart mouthed and not very fond of the new maid, Abigail. Abigail is planning a most vexing coup d'etat, winning the affection of the Queen, who enjoys being worshipped and adored by them two wenches. Saucy! Randy! Ribaldry at its best. Yorgos must've done a back flip when reading this screenplay. One with a mischievous mind, a dark heart and a foul tongue. Lusty! Baudy! Indecent! It's a girls gone wild up in the palace! Olivia Colman is fantastic as Queen Anne. Based on a true story? Really? Who knows what the hell really happened but supposedly it was true.

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