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  • RoboCop 2

    RoboCop 2

    It is sort of interesting that the original Robocop is still to this day misunderstood by many people who think it is a mindless, action movie, shoot 'em up, sci-fi cop drama. When many people recognize it as a satire of those types of movies, and a deconstruction of the corporate American ethics.

    I say that it is interesting because I totally don't understand what is going on in this movie. We pick up with Murphy, still in the Robocop…

  • Jaws 3-D

    Jaws 3-D


    I recently graduated with a BS in Marketing. I have not yet been able to land a job in my desired field. I am sure that the pandemic has a lot to do with the job market, as well as the uncertain political landscape. However, this movie made me realize that perhaps I don't understand Marketing as well as I thought I did.

    This movie is a 90 minute promotional advertisement for Sea World. Which was becoming a well known…

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  • Stalker



    I know this will not be a popular opinion, but I did not like this film.

    I found it a crushingly ponderous existential meditation.

    The film's plot is about a man who is a "stalker". This means that he is a bit of a tour guide to a location or realm called "the zone". The Zone is explained in the film, but only vaugely. We know it is supposed to be a place where wishes come true. The stalker is…

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    DDL brought to life one of cinema's most memorable characters, horrifying and sympathetic.

    Johnny Greenwood created a complex, neurotic, and mesmerizing score.

    Robert Elswit shot a film rich in texture, specific in pallet, and gorgeous beyond belief.

    Dylan Tichenor cut a film in a way that could have told the story simply through edits.

    PTA wrote a script that is obtuse and defiant. It is dense, yet accessible. Its a period piece / character study/ parable / cautionary tale /…