Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice ★★★★

A movie where the climax involves two sets of married couples all getting into bed together, and staring at the camera.

This film is one of those movies that could only be made when and where it was made. This is the quintessential late 60's early 70's movement. The hippie movement was in full effect in 1969, but this film doesn't deal with hippies. it deals with professional working men and women. It deals with conventions and prejudice. The amazing part is that it is free of judgement itself. It is showing you its thing, and asking you to shit it yours.

Looking back it is hard to believe that this was one of the most financially successful films of 1969. We now live in a environment where unless you wear a cape, you won't be anywhere near the top of the box office. This is a film about sexual experimentation and communication and trust. It is crazy to me that there is less sex and nudity in popular films today than there was almost 50 years ago. We like to think of ourselves as "progressive". That is an illusion. As a society we are more puritanical than ever before. People could not handle a movie like this now a days.

On a total side note, the filmmaking is wonderful and experimental. It is just as liberated and free spirited as the characters in the film. The performances are all great as well. Natalie Wood is an absolute sex pot!

What I like about the movie is that it knows it some of the situations are silly, and it is not afraid to make jokes about it. The laughs are not meta, they are honest. When we put ourselves in an awkward situation, sometimes the only thing we can do is laugh to cut the tension or point the ridiculousness of the situation. The movies understands this and has fun with it.

This is a must watch from nearly every perspective. Camerawork, acting, script, direction, fashion, and emotion. It's a real movie Jack.

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