Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★★

There is a low-fi, sci-fi revolution going on right now. High quality / inexpensive effects software is making it possible for indy film makers to create wonderfully imagined worlds or scenarios and bring them to life on the screen. However, the beauty of this movie isn’t its effects, its the story. This is perhaps the best script of the year so far for me. I don’t want movies to tell me how ugly the world is, I want them to show me how real the world is. Sometimes that is sad and ugly and sometimes it is funny and beautiful. Safety not Guaranteed is among the most honest films I’ve seen recently. The performances all aid the script in clever but not showy ways. I love the humor in the film and the way it makes typically serious situations slightly off and therefor funny. There is real heart, drama, and suspense in the movie. The soundtrack is great as well. My biggest complaint is overload of quirk when a zither is brought out.