The Darjeeling Limited ★★★★★

The Luftwaffe Automotive scene alone is one of my favorite Wes scenes of all time and perfectly encapsulates the entirety of the film in that moment as well as the mournful heart at the center of many of Wes' films and his wit and aesthetic.

It gives us the three brothers, their personalities, and their faults, and how they lose their way, their family, and each other. How they give up. Then they are accidentally given it all back again, despite their selfish actions and motives, from unlooked for forces which seem to govern all our lives without our understanding or approval. Then in the end nothing really changes at all and a final resolution is entirely shirked, ending only with the newly won trust for the brothers as enough and nothing else.

Hot damn, Wes. I love you.

Needless to say Wes' techniques are meticulous and wonderful and his highlighting and exploring of the Indian land and culture's tapestry makes this one stand out all the more.

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