Shockproof ★★½

I'm not a huge fan of Sirk. He is a good filmmaker (that is his movies look good), but he's not always a good storyteller. The story here is rushed. It feels like it was given a full first hour to build up character and plot and then someone realized they only had two reels of film left so they best end it all quick. The situation the main characters find themselves in goes from slight peril to seriously bad in the time one might go to the kitchen for a drink. Which is a shame because the last act feels as if we are in free fall, and the story and characters deserved better. The actors too.

And then there's the ending, which (spoiler alert) has all hallmarks of studio interference. Either that or Sirk had a helluva lot of gumption to tack on the final scene here. There were at least 3 places the movie could have ended: one romantically tragic, one darkly comic, and one that could only exist through sheer force of will. I'll say this, the film was worth the watch just to experience the befuddlement I felt at the end. Like when my cat shits all around his litter box, but never in it. Why? WHY? MY GOD WHY?

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