Suicide Squad ★★

Literally couldn't get through a half-hour of this the first time I tried a couple of years ago, and then today after finishing a very good movie discovered this playing on cable in almost exactly the same spot I left it.

Things that became clear this time around:

1) Perfect movie to be broken up by commercial breaks. Doesn't let you get too annoyed with what's going on, and you can easily focus on something else while lying on the couch not wanting to bother with the process of picking another, probably better movie.

2) I really don't have strong emotions over many movies any more. At least about movies that people overwhelmingly love or hate. This was not good, but can't say I hated it. I can say I didn't care enough about it to hate it.

3) I'm also convinced that 2 stars is the worst rating I can give a movie. It's the flatline for my enjoyment. Below that I actively dislike a film, and at least then the movie is eliciting an emotional response from me.

4) Jared Leto, bless his heart. He really tries to make this a half-star movie whenever he's on the screen.

5) The Harley Quinn animated show is the joyous antidote to the mostly joyless experience of this.

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