The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★★

oh my god. i expected to like this but i didn’t expect to like this nearly as much as i did. the story was so beautifully crafted, and executed even better. i’ve only seen 2 park chan-wook films, the other being stoker, but i already have a feeling he’s going to become one of my favorite directors. i wish i had more to say about this but it left me so speechless that i’ll have to formulate my proper thoughts on a rewatch.

also! i paused this once or twice while watching it on prime, and a little fact it gave on the side was that, on the days they filmed the lovemaking scenes, no men were allowed on set. the camera was remote controlled, and the only person in the room other than the two leads was a female boom operator. and that is how you make women feel comfortable about shooting a scene like that. my respect for park chan-wook flew through the roof after reading that. 

added to my favorite films

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