Capernaum ★★★★★

“Smile Zain, this is for your ID not death certificate.”

First of all, some of the top reviews of this movie are making my blood boil, and them being mostly from white men makes it even worse, how do you call this film “manipulative” when the millions of people, kids that this movie is based on are genuinely suffering and struggling in the Middle East, mostly because of Wars started by fucking white people, and let me tell you those kids aren’t leading tough and challenging lives just to manipulate you, or for the sake of you sympathizing with them. This was an important eye-opener film, despite the story and characters being all fictional, there are REAL people living the REAL life versions of it and even having it way, way worse. I’m tired of people neglecting and over looking the lives of these people and I’m so happy that this film was able to shine light on it in such a genuine way. This was terrifyingly realistic and I’ve been trying my hardest to hold back tears throughout the entire thing. The performances of every actor and the cinematography are beyond good and this deserves all the awards and nominations it received.

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