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  • S.I.D.S.


    Since coming out as transgender, it's been interesting looking back to the films Dionne and I have made and viewing them through this lens to affirm ideas that have always been present in my work. While Computer Hearts is a hilarious trip to watch now, S.I.D.S. is a much more thematically-driven film.

    My "dark and serious" horror film, S.I.D.S. is about a young person, played by myself, who is denied what they feel is affirming medical care because a doctor…

  • Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom

    Must We Burn Salo?:
    Salvaging Pasolini's Film as a Sadean Object Through Apparatus Theory

    In this paper I reassess Pasolini's film, Salo (1975), as a Sadean text by means of using the theoretical lens of Apparatus Theory, as Pasolini's film has been unfairly judged by scholars that have neglected to assess the film using this framework. Many publications at the time of Salo's release found that Pasolini's film was not authentically Sadean, however, scholars such as Roland Barthes and…

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  • Daisies


    Daisies is my favorite film, so I'm going to do this review in two sections. I'm going to spend the first paragraph telling you why you should see the film; don't read the rest until you have, and hopefully I'll be convincing enough that you'll spend the next 70 minutes watching it. The rest of the review will explore why this film is my favorite.

    Daisies is fun. It's about having fun and the film itself encompasses fun. The editing…

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    You know a movie is incredibly fucking terrifying when everyone in the theatre is dead silent. Nobody is on their cell-phone. You can't even hear the munching of popcorn. Finally it reaches a point where several audience members begin to break out in awkward laughter--not because something in the film is cheesy, funny, or stupid, it is because they have realized that a movie has made them reach the point of complete terror and they are laughing to let their…