Possessor ★★★★

Had to sleep on it before knowing how I felt about it:

— A minor but not insignificant bummer from 2020 is that Christopher Nolan didn't even make the best Christopher Nolan film.

— Also never realized until this that Nolan's sci-fi might be closer to David Cronenberg (albeit bloodless and at times incomprehensible... literally) than Kubrick.

— But let's be honest: this is about as incomprehensible as a Nolan film. Very "you get it, right? Let's move on," if you get me.

— This film had me literally agape in horror at what I was looking at. Which is nice to know I'm not a completely desensitized husk.

— Jennifer Jason Leigh should act only in esoteric science fiction films as the team leader from now on.

— I know it will never happen but I would watch a series about this.

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