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  • Lilies of the Field

    Lilies of the Field


    This was a touching film with some great instances of comedy mixed in. Wonderful performance by Mr Poitier...as usual. Even if you are not overly religious (which this film isn't)...you'll be singing "Amen" by the end...and not in a bad way.

  • Swing Time

    Swing Time


    This was a very enjoyable film and my first time seeing Astaire and Rogers together. Oh how they make it look so easy. One of the dance numbers took 47 takes and by the end, Rogers was literally bleeding through her shoes. Talk about dedication....but the dance number is fantastic. Actually, all the dancing is. Even if you are not really into musicals, give this film a watch if for nothing else the choreography by Astaire is wonderful.

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  • My Man Godfrey

    My Man Godfrey


    Pretty good film... with some funny moments. Powell steals the show. Had some good laughs with this one.

  • Detour



    Enjoyed this film more than I thought. Like the film noir genre and this is a great little gem. Ann Savage steals the scenes with her performance. Great lighting and cinematography gives the film an overall luster and look commonly associated with the genre. With a run time of only 67 minutes, it moves along well and packs a story destined for disaster.