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  • Katherine Ryan: In Trouble

    Katherine Ryan: In Trouble


    have we not moved past the need for rape jokes? it's not that i'm "offended" per se, it's that i am bored. some decent laughs here and there but not a lot going on.

  • The Cured

    The Cured


    this has been in my netflix watchlist probably since the first came out. i happened to notice that it leaves netflix tomorrow so decided to give it a watch because the premise intrigued me. i don't think i've seen a zombie apocalypse film before where a cure is rolled out. although the premise is really interesting, i unfortunately wasn't fond of the execution and it honestly wouldn't have mattered if this left netflix before i watched it. points for originality but i didn't like where the story went.

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  • Annihilation




    I think Garland has a great gift for taking something beautiful and making it terrifying - and that's essentially the basis of The Shimmer. Even the flowers/plants who are growing into shapes of people look astoundingly beautiful, yet absolutely frightening at the same time because of the idea behind it. The visuals vs the atmosphere in this film are just insanely perfect.

  • I, Tonya

    I, Tonya


    “I’m not meeting you at the fucking stroke of midnight”