• The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar


    It must be very fun to hang out on set all day and be directed by George Clooney. He’s very charming! I would agree to do it too, no matter how many bad movies in a row he makes!

  • Eternals



    Find it really frustrating how flat and desaturated this is, and pretty much every performance is embarrassing (save maybe Jolie and Tyree-Henry), but despite all that (and maybe thanks to bad word of mouth) I was pleasantly surprised how engaged I was most of the time. The weirdness and darkness goes a long way, and it can’t quite make up for the creeping Marvel-ness or the painful comic relief bits, but I’ll still take this over Black Widow.

  • Wolf



    Am I boring if I’d rather just see the Mike Nichols drama about ruthless publishers with Jack Nicholson and Christopher Plummer? Just cut out all the werewolf stuff (the bit with Nicholson peeing on James Spader can stay).

  • Marnie



    Hard to claim this really comes together, but it’s often beguiling in the best way. Was expecting a companion to The Birds given Tippi, but really this is much more in conversation with Vertigo.

  • All Light, Everywhere

    All Light, Everywhere


    Has bits of DNA from Cameraperson, RoboCop, and How to with John Wilson—so of course I loved it.

  • Catch-22



    Haven't seen if Nichols ever cited it, but this reminded me so much of The Trial—and not just because it has both Welles and Perkins in it! Knew this was a sort of legendary ambitious failure, and there's certainly a lot in it that doesn't work, but the first two thirds are filled with a lot of comic routines that make it a logical fit for one half of Nichols & May. Jon Voight MVP?

  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    Watched with the commentary track featuring Mike Nichols with Steven Soderbergh.

  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    I know this has a lot of defenders, but my god this thing is shoddy—often plays like some 30 Rock cutaway of a bad sci fi movie that Jenna or Tracey just filmed.

  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs


    An absolute blast. I do think that Sydney Sweeney ultimately isn’t very well suited for this part, and while that threatens to derail the movie here and there, the whole thing is too fun for that to matter all that much.

  • Benedetta



    Jesus didn’t mention you.

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice

    Every 20 minutes this film plays out a variation on the same scene, and then resets. Interminable.

  • Finch



    The tone of this thing is so weird—often the apocalyptic stuff is as bleak as The Road, but then the robot comedy feels straight out of a kids movie. Still mild and charming enough to be passable, and I continue to enjoy this era of weary Tom Hanks performances.