The Fifth Seal

The Fifth Seal ★★★★★

Tomoceuszkatatiki or Gyugyu?

What's our perception, morality, conscience, principles, convictions infront of death? Pure cynicism! If we are to reincarnate, what would we be? An oppressed slave with clean conscience or A tyrant with no conscience? Fate has nothing to do with the deeds. They carry out what their metaphysic self conscience.

A Very rewarding watch.. The Director exactly knew what he wanted. Sets the viewer in absorbance of a meditative, contemplative ambience and leaves in cast down. Pessimistic overviews but considers philosophical senses of righteousness and evilness! Also depicts a fascist regime's gerrymander and their oppressed prospect in a based way. Music and the dark wholesome graphic perfectly captures the overall essence needed. Character build-up of this film has a strong response and cast its effects!