Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Rewatching my favorite films is often times difficult for me, I am always fearful they will lose their initial magic upon rewatch, thus why I have not rewatched this film since my initial viewing in 2006, over ten years ago.

I first watched, or rather consumed, Lost in Translation at my friend's home one weekend night while in 8th grade, she was so ahead of our time when it came to movies, television shows, and music, she introduced me to two very important influences in my life, David Lynch and Sofia Coppola, thanks T, for opening up my spirit.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to be.

Lost in Translation was the first time I ever really discovered that it is possible to 'feel' a movie, like your every sense is occupied for 1 hour and 45 minutes. A glorious, glorious consumption.

I don't wish to taint this film with my words, this was my first introduction to Coppola, in many ways, it was my first introduction to myself, Lost in Translation makes me feel my loneliness, it makes me speak in more hushed tones, it makes me feel fragile.

This film has such a special ending. I know that is the most mediocre sentence ever written, but it really and truly is, just so special.

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