Blade Runner ★★★★

Just before the end, Ray stabs himself through the hand. He needs to experience another moment, even when all his previous ones had been, without exception, defined by pain.

The limited special effects of its time actually makes this movie a much more intimate one than 2049, at least as I remember it. I’ll have to revisit it soon. This is a somewhat small movie, a surprising choice considering the questions it poses.

Blade Runner is also an incredibly circular movie. More-so than any film I can recall, it evokes character with soundscapes and cuts and flashes of light. We understand the characters via the world they inhabit, and we understand the world via allusions to it. That is to say that most of the world of Blade Runner exists in the mind of the viewer. This is true of any movie, but especially this one.

This is a beautiful movie, masterfully told.

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