Craig Brownlee

Craig Brownlee

“Cinema at its finest” - Martin Scorsese on Paddington 2

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  • One Night in Miami...

    One Night in Miami...


    2 hours of four of the most important figures in black history having a philosophical debate. Sign me the fuck up

  • Swoon



    Probably one of the most important parts of New Queer Cinema and queer history on film...

    Now I have to ask why tf we don’t have more gay crime movies

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  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    Every once in a while there comes a film that is both the opposite of what you want, but everything you need. A film that crushes your soul but leaves such an impact on you that you know you won’t forget anytime soon.

    In exploring Gregg Araki‘s work I’ve always consistently admired his rebellious punk and independent spirit, making queer the new cool. But with this I’m truly blown away by his ability as a filmmaker, stripping everything back to…

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Benny Safdie talking about The White Stripes for 5 minutes straight then immediately leaving as soon as the conversation gets tense is far too relatable for its own good