Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

Me simping for Richard Linklater yet again but man this guy can do no wrong

The way he’s so incredibly able to make films which such small stakes and little to no plot and make them so engaging purely through dialogue, characterisation and just an all around personality to create a memorable experience with so much charm and humanity

Linklater is a stickler for authenticity. In the Before Trilogy it was through portraying love and relationships as they naturally form, in Boyhood it’s through documenting life all throughout childhood, and in Dazed it takes a clear look at high school and coming of age and in a way deconstructs the glamorourisation by portraying teenagers as they really are.

Teenagers are a Fucking wreck, they’re a mess of hormones, drugs and alcohol, they’re loud and obnoxious just because they can be, they’re opinionated and have real shit to say yet they don’t know how to say it.
They want more, yet have no idea what more is...

Linklater is able to get this message across without spoonfeeding, no insightful monologues that sound like a published author wrote them. Instead, through showing teenagers as they naturally are, faults and all. Linklater gives an honest deep dive in the confusion of adolescence and how it affects you when growing up

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