Possessor ★★★★

So watching this movie was really hard.

I saw it in theaters. I was the only one there. The projector malfunctioned I missed the first 15 minutes. The audio continued to be distorted so anything besides dialogue had a static behind it. They gave me a free movie pass for the next time I visit. I finished my popcorn and watched an hour of it. The audio got worse. I left.

I really wanted to see the rest of the movie so I figured I could find it somewhere somehow. I mean, I paid for it and helped opening weekend and all, so I really deserved to finish the film, right?

So I eventually found it... finished the final 45 minutes... enjoyed it... but admittedly there is a gigantic flaw in how I perceive the film. I was able to see the first 15 minutes at least, and re watch some of the overly static-y parts as well. But this makes for a jumpy film experience so I look forward to renting on VOD with a friend and watching it through without issue for a more reliable opinion.

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