Dune ★★★★

Okay so Denis Villeneuve have never done anything less than good, and his streak still continues in Dune (2020). I'm gonna talk about what I loved about this film first.
The score done by Hans Zimmer is simply perfect. How it fits with every scene is just beyond crazy. Especially in epic scenes where you'll have goosebumps.
After that we have the cinematography. This movie is so damn gorgeous I don't think anyone can disagree.
When it comes to acting everyone did good to great job on their roles. No one was bad but some actors got to shine more than others.
Now I'm gonna talk about the weakest part of the film and I'm pretty sure you already guessed it. Yes it's the story itself. Dune throws you in its massive world with a lot of characters that you're supposed to remember and eventually care about. When you start to almost care about them the film starts killing everyone left and right, and sadly it doesn't hit the right emotional tones that it wanted to deliver. Yes I get that it's just the first part, but still I was hoping for something more epic. Even the ending which is supposed to set the sequel left me feeling a little bit empty. I still don't care enough for these characters, and most of the characters that I started to care about already got killed, so I really don't know where the sequel is going to go. I only hope the sequel delivers a great story and I'm almost certain it will because the first one even if it was lacking a bit in making me really interested in the continuation of the story I'm still intrigued to see where it goes.

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