Possessor ★★★★★

Honesty not surprised I loved this, like father like son, Brandon Cronenberg proves to be just as horny and gory as his father. Jokes aside the way Brandon shoots Toronto just as brilliantly as his father. Making the around pretty modern city feel like a distant land of the future. I keep comparing Brandon to his father and that’s unfair in two respects, I’ve only seen 3 of Cronenberg’s films so it’s hard for me that have a complete grasp of his style, and Brandon does a great job of having his own striking imagery. It’s weird talking about ones influence when that influence is a relative of the filmmaker.

Moving on because comparing the two could lead down a rabbit hole. Instead let’s quickly talk about the merits of the film. It oozes and drips style, its a constant mind fuck as well. For me I found it to be one of the more psychologically draining films. I found myself getting lost in my mind just thinking about some of the images I had just seen. It really was the best kind of shocking for me.

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