Possessor ★★★★

Possessor (uncut) is brutal.
Brandon Cronenberg’s latest film prospects the idea of inhabiting human bodies to complete ‘wet work’. this film is a blast, as well as giving off a completely unsettling tone. the story is fairly straight forward, i wont go into any details as i went into this blind and i finished it with so many thoughts. i was also gutted to miss this (and many others) at LFF this year 😫. 

as for the body horror, it’s graphically disgusting. you could tell this was a film where all the cast & crew involved could understand what they were working with. the budget seems so minimal and that makes it stand out more than others.

3 pivotal, horrific scenes stand out to me; 1 at the very start, 1 bang in the middle of the film and 1 in the last scene. albeit sci-fi and unrealistic, the film felt very grounded and i’d also say i wasn’t bored when watching it. the idea, fuel’d by the intense story, mixed with the grotesque violence = a pretty decent thriller, and i’d love to see more of BC’s work. there are also plenty of twists that caught me completely off guard, the film works in so many ways. the acting is all fine, cinematography standard (some of the camerawork was very creative). the score was also reminiscent of something from Daniel Lopitan or even TR & AR. 

i guess if i had any issues, maybe some pacing and some of the ways the direction was handled. i’m not sure i completely vibed with the metaphorical direction in this. there’s a lot of strobe lighting and ‘disturbing’ imagery, some of it works and some doesn’t, just personal preference really. 
it’s very thought provoking, check it.

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