• Always



    Dreyfuss could have used his supernatural powers to see girls’ boobs, but instead he used them to have himself cucked. This is a good man.

    Spielberg will never be a favourite of mine, but ya gotta hand it to the guy: he knows how to compose a shot, get your heart pounding during an action scene, and even tug on the heartstrings a bit during the sappy parts. I thought this movie was exceptionally well photographed, and so was unsurprised to learn that cinematographer Mikael Salomon previously worked with Joe Sarno.

  • Wanda



    The quintessential movie about realizing that America is shit and that there's nothing on life's horizon but also not knowing how to get out of it. The real Nomadland.

  • Anna



    Helen Mirren looks like Fran Lebowitz in this.

  • Shaolin Drunkard

    Shaolin Drunkard


    Watched in glorious pan-and-scan, as director Yuen Woo-ping intended. Didn't follow the plot too closely, just let the images wash over me. Exhausting, but contains enough good acrobatics and kookiness that anything less than 3.5 stars would be disrespectful to the Yuen clan. Contains a frog monster (a stuntman in a frog costume) who spits green Nickelodeon-style ooze.

  • Hollywood High

    Hollywood High

    Exactly the vibes I needed right now.

  • O.J.: Made in America

    O.J.: Made in America

    Shout-out to my gf for letting me pause at the "If the glove doesn't fit..." section and then patiently listening as I prattled on about the train set in the Allen/Farrow case.

  • Design for Dreaming

    Design for Dreaming

    Some of William Beaudine’s most muscular filmmaking.

  • Game of Death II

    Game of Death II

    The Story So Far

    Before his death in 1973, Bruce Lee shot about 30 usable minutes of footage for a project called The Game of Death. In 1978, his home studio, Golden Harvest, used about seven minutes of that footage as the basis for Game of Death, a movie that was marketed as Bruce Lee's last, and in which "Bruce Lee" was mostly mostly played by unconvincing doubles. The double who got the most screen time was Kim Tai-chung (aka…

  • Election



    Loved this when I was a teen, and love it even more now that I too am Mr. McAllister.

  • Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond

    Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond

    Solid doc, but it can't help losing steam after Vilmos moves on from the triumphs of McCabe & Mrs Miller and The Deer Hunter to... uh, Maverick.

  • Scarecrow



    They remind me of the guys from Ishtar but this movie is sadder.

  • Rifkin's Festival

    Rifkin's Festival

    I didn’t actually rewatch this, I just want to plug the long essay I wrote about it: willsloanesq.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/late-allen/