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This review may contain spoilers.

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i definitely think a story like this is such a tightrope to handle so there’s no way i couldn’t have flaws with it? but overall, i really appreciated the heart that waititi brought to this. it’s shot beautifully and all performances are either hilarious or really touching. to me, the idea of nazis being portrayed almost as complete buffoons who never really learn any lesson in the end is strange. these people, although committing hideous and vile acts, were a very serious threat and still effect people’s lives to this day. so, i can’t help but feel like this portrayal is slightly tone-deaf to the staggering, awful impact these people actually caused. i also didn’t appreciate how Jojo only treated Elsa with genuine respect when he declared her to be his girlfriend. despite this, i know the film was well-intentioned and there’s a lot of good here, so who knows...maybe i’m looking into it too much

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