Stuart Little

Stuart Little ★★

i fucking hate stuart little’s stupid paper napkin body built ass look at this mf just grinning in the movie poster i hate him so much can you imagine being a kid in that orphanage and seeing this married couple walk in the room and you’re like wow maybe today is my day maybe i‘ll finally get to be adopted and loved but then they fucking sit down and talk to the mouse in the goddamn room and then these two white devils decide that they will adopt this rat ass little fuck instead of you, a human child!!!! and nobody makes a big deal about it!! nobody freaks out that this fucking mouse can talk or dresses like a regular human and there’s no contract or papers to sign about adopting his twink ass and these adoption agencies are supposed to come to the parents’ house to see if the home is suitable and safe for the child but did they do that in the movie? no they fucking didnt thats why stuart got eaten as soon as the house cat saw his ratatootie ass. nobody in this movie fucking seems to mind that this mouse is talking or that these upper class new york city couple adopted a fucking mouse for a son. imagine being george little and being told by your parents that they will go to the foster home to find u a little brother and ur like yay and then you come home from a long day at preschool probably just colouring or some shit or drawing a family tree because youre excited for your new brother and you step into your house and your parents fucking adopted a mouse. a MOUSE. now your brother is a rodent like i would literally start fuckin crying. imagine the type of bullying george would get at school omfg poor child. and what’s worse is that in the book stuart is actually not even adopted he was born as a human who looks exactly like a mouse like this bitch popped out of the coochie looking like a mouse AND NOBODY QUESTIONED IT i am so angered right now please respect my demand for space at this time