Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

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Happy 30th Anniversary Terminator 2!!!!

The most quintessential action movie sequel and one of the greatest movies mankind or any machine has ever created on our home planet, Terminator 2: Judgment Day still stands the test of time as a timeless classic action film that will be rewatched by billions of film-buffs including myself to this very day. While James Camerons' first entry was his breakthrough film back in 1984, this one and his other superior action sequel, Aliens proves why he contains such a brilliant mind into constructing masterfully-made action flicks with original story-telling and presenting iconic bad-ass warrior-like woman in their main roles. I can only see Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor being in an arm wrestling contest while they stare at each other with competitive eyes and sweat their asses off and see which female bad-ass is the MOST Bad-ass out of the two. I would place my bets on Sarah as I prefer T2 over Aliens, but Aliens would be a very, very, very close second as my favorite film from James Cameron. But now, I have no idea what he has in stores for us with the Avatar sequels, but until then, Terminator 2 is a Masterpiece of Action Movie-Making! With groundbreaking special effects, amping up everything 10 fold on what made Terminator 1 a great film in its own right, and Arnold Schwarzenegger being in his absolute prime, Terminator 2 will forever be in my Top 5 favorites of all time and I don't think it will ever, ever lose its spot. But then again, I've always look at both Terminators 1 and 2 incredible masterpieces in its own genre and viewed them as brother and sister as they are very creative in their own ways.

Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!!

Grade: A++

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