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  • Da Fabulação
  • Cripta III
  • Shadows of Tomorrow
  • Ramon Alvarado

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  • São Paulo, S.A.


  • We Were Born Today, When the Sky Was Heavy with Iron and Poison

  • Dancing Queen

  • The Shadows

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  • Cripta I

    Cripta I

    In 1984 almost 60% of the Brazilian films released in theaters were pornographic films. From 1984 to 1989, hardcore pornographic films remained a huge market. Therefore, it is impossible to completely understand the history of Brazilian Cinema without having access to these films. There was a whole demographic who weren’t specifically interested in other genres of Brazilian cinema, but were rather interested in going to the theater to see pornos. While these films were very popular in the cinemas, they…

  • Quelé do Pajeú

    Quelé do Pajeú


    Duarte is a criminally underrated filmmaker.