Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

"One thing's for sure, Sharon absolutely has a type: Cute, short, talented guys who look like twelve year old boys," Damn, anything in particularly you trying to say about us shortie dudes Quentin 😭 ?

"I'm as real as a donut, motherfucker." Pretty sure this made me laugh even more hysterical than it did Cliff.

"That dent in the car says otherwise"

"We all love Pussy"
"Yes we do"

As I pretty much expected, definitely plays even better on a second viewing. The pacing only flows better, there's definitely more elements and nods to pick up and chew on. Just an incredibly entertaining, really funny, beautifully shot and acted film that I anticipate revisiting many times in the future.

As always, QT definitely sets clues up early on and delivers upon some brilliant payoff later on (the flame thrower, Cliff being able to take down the Bruce Lee character extc). It might even just be his most beautifully shot film, I love not just all the homages he's doing to this era of Hollywood, but just the way he transports you through I think his direction, performers, and music choices really all do make you feel as if you're there. That finale is brutal and mean, yet frankly for me one of the most satisfying sequences QT is ever done. I know some feel as it went overboard for some reason, but considering Manson and his creeps are amongst the worst people in history, it was maybe the most satisfying fairy tale for this viewer.

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