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  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo

    FIRST OF ALL, i made a YouTube Review of this movie, it's way more detailed and overall complete than this Letterboxd one, i think that y'all should watch first.

    You can find the review here: bit.ly/3mTTBWd

    "I have the power!"

    Guns Akimbo... Is a bad movie, it's a sometimes fun one, but overall bad.

    The movie had a LOT of potential but didn't used any of it, the jokes are edgy and bad, the action is unninspired most of the…

  • Tully



    "I'm here to take care of you."

    Tully is a cute movie.

    Is a very well made film, well shotted and directed, but the story is a litlle simple, not that a simple story couldn't make a good movie, and it does many times, but here the story is a little too simple, the movie is 95 minutes long but could be like 80.

    The movie lacks of something more interesting happening, the film is not bad by any means,…

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  • Cloverfield



    FIRST OF ALL, i did a full YouTube video, recaping and saying my thoughts on Cloverfield: YouTube Review

    "If this is the last thing you see... that means I died."

    Cloverfield is a amazing movie, in my eyes, is a masterpiece of a monster flick.

    It does the whole monster attack thing so well, the movie never drags out, the focus on the people rather then the monster is for me the best thing of the movie.

    The monster isn't…

  • Border



    "So you want to be human?"

    Border, or Gräns, is one of the craziest and strangiest movies i've ever saw.

    This Sweedish movie is a masterpiece for me, not one second of the story is without a motive or unnecessary, the cinematography is stellar, and the directing, by Ali Abbasi, is so well thought of.

    The story managed to trick me in so many ways, in the beginning i thought that it was going to be one thing, just a…