Shithouse ★★★★½

i was just about to say how the casting was absolutely insane because whoever played alex was literally perfect and then i realize that alex is played by cooper raiff WHO ALSO WROTE AND DIRECTED THIS????? COOPER RAIFF WHO ARE YOU????

wow i wish i watched this as a freshman in uni and not 3 weeks before i'm done with uni forever. i don't even know how to describe what i felt during this but i know that different parts of this film will resonate with different people and that's what i love about it!!! for me personally, alex's character was something that i don't see often in films and i loved it and felt very comforted by some of his personality traits (not to mention his phone call at the end made me CRY). also this has a 13 going on 30 reference so this is automatically a great film in my books!!!!!

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