Speed Racer

Speed Racer ★★★★★

a film about faith -- in yourself, in others, and in institutions. has the greatest cinematic bookends no doubt; but even after the daydream victory opening the film emphasizes to you that this isn't a work about winning, not even about racing; that a memory can be more important to you than self-fulfillment, glory, itself. speed racer is about what got you there, what you already are inside. the spectacle here remains & grows deeper because of what's flowing through it in the frame: what starts in speed's classroom as a kid and in the tragedy of what happened to rex -- a tangible history weighing down on the action instead of just the action itself.

you know who you're racing?

things i imagine are less spoke about here is the stupendously perfect cast, matthew fox especially, and how much this film stays true in genre form to its source material while performing perfect cinema. perfect message, perfect heart, perfect in every single way.

p.s. cried at least five different times on this viewing, and sobbed at matthew fox's watery eyes at the beginning. and of course the most of all during that last leg of the grand prix, when every single moment of moment of love speed is given during the entire film is like fuel propelling him further and further. he's rewriting history: that night with his father when they remembered their love for racing was true, no matter what. and, flashing lights.

p.s.s. if i can't make a giant robo film i want the wachowski sisters to do it

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