Suicide Squad ★½

Suicide Squad was not short on creativity or vibrant qualities, but that was not the film's issue. It had a healthy cast, tons of action and distinctive characters, but they weren't, for the most part, the film's issues either. The issues I had with the film was how it unraveled too fast. It never slowed it's pace or dwelled in an emotion or sequence in order to let the audience inherit the film's scene by scene personality. I also didn't like the introduction of the characters. It seemed like an undetailed, forced moment that was meant just for that purpose, an introduction. The scene carried no flair or personality. I think David Ayer could of introduced each member of the squad a bit more creatively, since the rest of the film is filled to the top with character, flair and creativity. There were some scenes that were unsatisfactory as well and that clouded the film's overall score. I for one didn't mind Jared Leto's performance as The Joker. It was an avant-garde performance and I think he added a street-life style to the character. I was fine with it, but I know others who hated his performance. In the end, Suicide Squad was a singular film that stands out, because of David Ayer's great mind, but he approached the story from an unfavorable angle that didn't win the hearts of true comic enthusiasts. It's a shame, because he is a great, innovative director that surely has more ideas to grace us with.

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