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  • Dead End Drive-In

    Dead End Drive-In


    The set design is unbelievable. They created the perfect dystopian wasteland and I can't imagine this had much of budget. It has a pretty fun little premise. Things go pretty sideways about halfway through but the ending is wild enough to save things.

  • Dope, Hookers and Pavement

    Dope, Hookers and Pavement


    The interviews were good but this really needed more live footage and actual music, could've used some editing in parts as well since it goes a little long. Overall though this is 100 percent worth a watch if you're a fan of old punk and hardcore.

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  • Beautiful Noise

    Beautiful Noise


    In an effort to cover as many bands as possible, and to include talking head snippets from famous fans, Beautiful Noise ends up only giving a cursory glance to the birth of shoegaze. It's more of a primer than an intimate look into the scene. I would've appreciated a bit more depth and really I'd rather see separate movies focusing solely on Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine without the irrelevant opinions of Billy Corgan and Wayne Coyne.

  • The Alien Dead

    The Alien Dead


    Exactly what you’d expect from a Florida set, no budget zombie film from 1980. Weird bayou charm, solid gore, ridiculous plot, terrible acting, and all the cozy things from the late 70s/early 80s. Feels appropriately sweaty and gross.