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23 years old. BA in media science. 
Artist and film enthusiast.
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  • Stalker



    Сталкер (Stalker) is probably Andrei Tarkovsky’s most popular work. More accessible than Зеркало (1975) but more abstract than Иваново детство (1962).

    Сталкер explores themes of faith, meaning, art, and the relation between people. With Сталкер, Tarkovsky makes what’s essentially a science fiction film, but Сталкер is more than that. Сталкер is an existential piece of art. 

    Сталкер is a meditative experience. Long sequences, monologues, ambient sounds, and music... sequences of dreams and memories gliding slowly through time. 

    In Сталкер nature has…

  • Persona



    Persona (1966) is one of the best films ever made and my all-time favorite film. 

    Persona is Ingmar Bergman's highest artistic achievement and that says a lot, for Bergman, is the man who gave the world such masterpieces as Det Sjunde Inseglet (1957), Smultronstället (1957), Fanny och Alexander (1982) among many others.

    The opening sequence of Persona is a work of art in and of itself; surreal, energetic, and mysterious. The whole of the movie is contained in the opening. 

    Persona, in…

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  • Il Posto

    Il Posto


    Il Posto is a story about feeling overwhelmed, alienated and being in love.

    Like Gregor in Franz Kafka’s Die Verwanslung (Metamorphosis), our protagonist Domenico (Sandro Panseri) is forced into an unfamiliar and strange situation. Like Gregor, Domenico doesn't seem to fit, the world appears absurd, his coat is too big, he is a young man in an old man's place. 

    Il Posto is a critique on the social ladder, those who climb, and those who are on top. Don’t leave your desk for too long, somebody might just come and take your seat.

    “Seize the moment. But remember, you must be quick.”

  • Baal



    Baal (1970) made by Volker Schlöndorff, starring Rainer Werner Fassbinder, is a pure fever dream. 

    For the most part, Baal is filmed like a drunken haze, camera unrestful, blurred and foggy. Baal is edited as if it was a collage of moments from the titular Baal’s mind.

    Some regard Baal as being a genius others perceive him as being a madman. In some way, this might be how people will think about the film. Some might think of it being…

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  • Pitfall



    Hiroshi Teshigahara's feature film debut and the first in his avant-garde existential trilogy (incl. Suna no Onna (1964) & Tanin no kao (1966). Otoshiana (Pitfall) is nothing short of breathtaking.

    Teshigahara plays with the meaning of light and dark, black and white, and good and evil with this film. Otoshiana is atmospheric, partly because of the score, the atmosphere, however, can also be attributed to the camera-work. There is an impression that somebody is watching at all times, hidden behind covers, watching…