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Madeline Wise

I was the voice of the wilhelm scream

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  • Cruella


    I’m in love with Emma Thompson all the time but especially when she flings shit around casually in this movie. I hate the phrase “_____ could get it” but…………. Mark Strong 👀Love when Joel Fry shows up in things, LOVE Paul Walter Hauser doing comedy!!! Love Wink the dog. Give us Wink origin story. Obvi Emma Stone is great always and I *never* say that about actresses my own age because I’m petty and competitive (compettytive). Too many songs tbh

  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf

    I love it when a movie I’m watching alone makes me lol. The Grecian nightie lazzi got me so good. Also Walter Matthau just wandering through New York going “I’m poor....... I’m poor” is so funny to me.