Stalker ★★★★★

Stalker is without a doubt a masterpiece. It is a genius film and is very interesting. First off, I would like to talk about the cinematography of this movie. The cinematography in this movie captures the whole movie so well. A brilliant scene that shows this off is when the stalker is sleeping and the camera lingers on the ground for minutes and shows the objects underwater. I think this shot is brilliant because as it lingers on the objects we can see the history of this place, The Zone. The Zone is also a very interesting place and is my favourite setting in a movie. The movie becomes coloured when they reach this area which I find intriguing because it shows us their hope. Not only is it the colour that makes The Zone an excellent setting but it is also through the dialogue of the characters and the dark atmosphere given from the excellent cinematography that makes this place feel truly mysterious and interesting. There are also excellent long tracking shots throughout the movie that help the experience of this movie feel more immersive. The characters are amazing as well. The writer, the professor, and the stalker are characters that are very sympathetic and each have interesting desires and backstories to why they want to come to the Zone. This movie is a truly great experience like no other and I would definitely recommend this. This is also probably worth rewatching so you can catch on to more things about this movie. A masterpiece for sure, 10/10 and is probably my favourite movie at the moment. Tarkovsky is a genius and I am planning on watching more of his films.

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