Will Laterveer

Will Laterveer

I’ll never change my favourites because I somehow landed the all white poster asthetic naturally.

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  • Peninsula



    Sure the car chases looked like Appleseed but they were so much fun and so was this movie

  • Kagemusha



    Overlong, but of course still very concise and visually striking in every way. 

    Nakadai is great but not at his best.

    I understand why this sits firmly in the shadow (haha) of his other late career epic Ran.

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  • Persona



    I have to say, I really appreciate that Netflix backed a Korean, female led anthology series. More of this and less cloverfield please!

    Walking at Night and ESPECIALLY Collector are must watches.

  • Love, Death & Robots: Sucker of Souls

    Love, Death & Robots: Sucker of Souls


    Animation and gore slaps HARD. One of the better styles in this anthology.

    Probably the lamest Dracula design out there unfortunately, way off base for me.

    Ends poorly as well.