My Beautiful Laundrette

My Beautiful Laundrette ★★★★½

i just want to say that this actually really perfectly conveys the way that oppression is different in different circumstances and its not just an objective list of most to least oppressed (eg how the house johnny was staying in at the very beginning was owned by omars uncle but then the way that him and his friends treat them) also the way that people oppressed by capitalism as a whole (so also including racism and xenophobia as well as patriarchy too) aspire to bourgeoisness in different ways (as well as how perception of class changed in britain generally) & lack of solidarity (how under capitalism instead of realising that they are oppressed by the same system the least oppressed one is meant to consider themself higher than the other… except this too manifests in different ways in the film and you cant even call any one of them “the least oppressed one”) also the way that capitalism and oppression deeply impact personal relationships and the theme of power & vulnerability!!!! literally the whole point is that no one in this is “good” or “right”……… i had to really try to make this shorter theres so much more i could say and maybe its forgivable for people to not be familiar with thatcherism or the political context of britain in the 1980s but if you dont like this film its very likely that you might actually be the problem here

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