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This review may contain spoilers.

i always really enjoy it when people actually engage with the many important points in this film instead of focusing solely on a side character* but even still a very important aspect that a lot of people seem to miss is the fact that omar is not actually that wealthy.
he & johnny grew up together, in similar areas, went to the same school, and nasser considers them both as "underprivileged" or "deadbeat" - the difference between them really is actually very minimal and this is actually exactly why all the moments where omar emphasises their class differences are so significant. the actually quite minimal class difference between them is so essential for the theme of lack of solidarity and also the way that power shifted in their relationship over time - as in when they were at school omar was the one most vulnerable but now as he is the one that johnny works for he has acquired power in this way but there are also many moments too where they are both vulnerable in their emotions.
its also very significant that the whole reason omar does end up becoming so "enamoured" with capitalism etc is because of the ways that his uncle and selims lives are so different to what hes used to - you can see it in the first scene he goes to selims flat the way hes looking around at it all. it is also important that actually it wouldnt have been possible for omar and johnny to have had any success if they hadnt done anything illegal, and this is only mentioned very briefly but even nasser it is said does also rely on selim for money and actually his businesses arent necessarily very successful. (i also think that the "im a professional businessman not a professional pakistani" line is one of the most misinterpreted lines in the whole film. a lot of people seem to miss the point that a businessman was not actually meant to be a positive thing to be & also somehow seem to forget the context of that line which was said while he was evicting an immigrant black man from one of his properties which wasnt at all well maintained in the first place and while he was actually in the middle of throwing his belongings out of the window)
overall i just think it is really inaccurate to describe omar as rich or someone who comes from a wealthy family......

(also i wonder if people writing these sorts of silly reviews watch something like billy elliot and think "this film is such a mess 😂 why is he running through the houses why do they have all those shields 😂😂😂 this makes absolutely no sense but gary lewis/jamie draven 😍")

*(so often i see negative/mediocre reviews from people who havent really got the context & whose only take away is just something about daniel day lewis and then there is something mentioned about how theyre just going through all the films hes been in, not really much of a surprise they didnt like it then. when you just focus on him it becomes a film that seems to have the strange message of racism is excusable if you had a crush on him at school? or fascism is forgivable if he paints the walls of a laundrette well in a nice colour? instead of a film looking at the complexities of multiple societal factors & the difficult relationships you can have when people are impacted personally by these.....)

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