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  • Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure

    Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure

    In the wraparound story of this underrated horror anthology, the Bratz join their new friend Ginger at her house for a sleepover. When it’s time for bed, they all get in their sleeping bags, and Ginger (who has never had a sleepover before) wants to go to sleep, but the Bratz want to tell spooky stories. So they proceed to torture Ginger with five scary stories that she repeatedly states she does not want to hear. Three of them take…

  • Bratz


    I am very saddened and disappointed by the negative response this has gotten from people I respect or consider friends on Letterboxd. Like, what’s going on guys? Are you ok? It’s not even a lot of people because most haven’t seen this, but I just hate when it’s hard to find fair reviews of movies like this. And by “like this”, I mean masterpieces. Bratz is hilarious, strange, bright, sweet, unique, and full of energy. It tells a great story…

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  • The Devil Inside Her

    The Devil Inside Her

    Two sisters live with their mother and puritanical father on a farm in New England, 1826. One of the sisters, Faith, wants to marry the hunky farmhand, Joseph, but the father catches them kissing and freaks out. This alerts the other sister, Hope, to what’s happening. Hope is also in love with the farmhand, so she pleads to god or the devil or whoever is listening to please give her Joseph. The devil appears, looking a bit like a Village…

  • Candyman


    It’s messy in a good way. Is Candyman a ghost? A zombie? A mirror sprite? A Marx Brother? I just know he’s pissed off. Or, they are pissed off. Candyman is a collective hive of fury over injustices, made flesh (but only reflective flesh)? What was Laundryman’s deal? It was a lot to process. I would’ve been happy with it not making complete sense, but I think it actually (mostly) does, and putting in the work to piece it together…

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