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  • Bratz



    I am very saddened and disappointed by the negative response this has gotten from people I respect or consider friends on Letterboxd. Like, what’s going on guys? Are you ok? It’s not even a lot of people because most haven’t seen this, but I just hate when it’s hard to find fair reviews of movies like this. And by “like this”, I mean masterpieces. Bratz is hilarious, strange, bright, sweet, unique, and full of energy. It tells a great story…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    The title sounds like a response to another Joaquin movie in an argument between Two Lovers showing Signs of a breakup. 

    Her: I’m Still Here. 
    Irrational Man: You Were Never Really Here!

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  • The Carrier

    The Carrier


    I’d like to think someone came up with the line of dialogue, “If you weren’t hoarding cats, our friends would still be alive!” and then gave it to a screenwriter and challenged them to write a movie around it. I’m so in love with that line out of context. What are the circumstances that lead to keeping people alive by allowing them access to cats? Honestly, it barely makes sense within the film, but it is shortly followed by an…

  • Vampyr



    A man named Allan Grey with real big eyes goes to an inn and there’s lots of mysterious happenings there. Grey is played by some rich guy who agreed to fund the film if he could star in it, and he’s not especially compelling otherwise, but those big wide eyes actually give us a perfectly curious and alarmed viewpoint to take in all the creepy stuff. It’s especially effective when he is shut into a coffin with a window looking…

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  • The Haunted Castle

    The Haunted Castle


    "All we get these days are remakes and reboots! What happened to original ideas??" - film audiences in 1897

  • Face/Off



    I saw this as a cynical, shitty teenager, and hated it. Even before revisiting it, I was deeply ashamed of this fact because I knew in my heart I was wrong. I am proud of how much I have matured in the last 17 years as a viewer of cinema, and that I can now recognize Face/Off as one of the greatest films of all time.