Repo Chick ★★★★★

A rich girl is disinherited by her family because she refuses to get a job, and she ends up getting one anyway as a repo chick, which she turns out to be incredibly good at. There’s an elusive train she’s trying to repossess, and it all ties in to terrorists with a nuclear weapon who want to put an end to golfing. Shot almost entirely in front of a green screen, every background is cartoonish and surreal, and I found it incredibly endearing. The story and acting take on the same kind of wacky sensibility, and the movie is fucking hilarious. All of the cast is good (it includes people like Rosanna Arquette, Miguel Sandoval, Xander Berkeley, Karen Black, and Frances Bay), and the lead girl (Jaclyn Jonet) is fantastic. I don’t think a lot of people would get this movie, but if you watch it and don’t hate it, then I recommend you watch it. I fucking loved it.