Thought Crimes

Thought Crimes ★★★½

A true crime doc, but without the crime. A cop who is for sure a scumbag, but not (yet?) a cannibal is having despicable fantasy chats (about real people) online, and possibly conspires to act on them. But he doesn't, so like, now what? The subject is definitely fascinating and challenging, but I don’t know that there were enough angles on it to sustain a full 80 minutes. I did love the twist at the end when we find out the whole movie was just the weirdest video dating profile of all time.

It inspired me to look up my own Google search history. Judge for yourself, but I think I could be tried for a "conspiracy to get back on medication", "the crime of somehow still not knowing the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist despite having it clarified to me like 100 times and also having gone to both at various points," or worse yet, a "conspiracy to catch up on a controversial comedy clip from 6 months ago."

-“what are my recent google searches”
-“nick fury hasselhoff”
-“red hot rock 1984”
-“empireblue health plus”
-“arkady Barenboim md”
-“psychology psychiatry”
-“what is behavioral health”
-“tina fey weekend update summer edition”

What are YOUR thought crimes? Invade your own privacy and put your Google searches in the comments!

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