Dune ★★★★

everything here seems like an easy fix with a little bit of ivermectin. 🪱

this is the missing live-action segment from 1981’s heavy metal.

god, this movie needed a ridiculously bad ass metal soundtrack, can someone recut this movie with some black sabbath and ac/dc?

villanueve’s direction is an acedemic course in minimalism and negative space. it’s truly wondrous to behold. this is cinema.

dune’s biggest fault can really only be traced back to its original source material’s age, which is that our lead hero’s journey might feel a little too familiar now 56 years after frank herbert’s science fiction epic was written. many have borrowed from dune since then, but this will be the definitive version of this particular story. a story that i admittedly find silly on a macro level. alas, it doesn’t matter. this is just a juicy exercise in silver screen mood and atmosphere and i sucked the bone marrow out of it. 

deakins (by way of fraser) power.

it’s a class act. with style for days. in a world where marvel movies feel like the only sci-fi epics left and altogether stale, watching dune just made me feel like i was in a sleepy peyote daze with bursts of action here and there. perhaps it could’ve had more character to it, a bit wilder and grotesque like david lynch’s previous adaptation, but that’s simply not the types of films that villanueve makes. the one’s he does make i’m very down for. 

little lord fauntleroy plays the part of a privileged boy held up as the new savior of civilization like he’s been living the part for 25 years now. i dig what he’s bringing to the role of paul atreides. 

and fraser’s cinematography = 👚🏻‍🍳 💋 

i don’t know why warner bros didn’t already make these two parts back to back.

was a bit nervous that i might actually be disappointed by this film considering i’m not a dune nerd and i’ve been pretty excited to see villanueve get out of sci-fi for a bit and do something else. but hey, i can’t complain about this minimalist marie kondo space saga.

also: this movie needed more semi-nude sting. missed opportunity. bad french canadian, bad!

final question: show of hands of how many of you wanted to sit in oscar isaac’s lap when we was slouching in that chair?

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