Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★½

Disclaimer: I’m not super gung-ho for 80s testosterone-throbbing action flicks; I enjoy them as much as the average guy, but I’m not a part of the obsession. Having said that, I fucking loved this movie (also think slapping that label on this movie is a disservice to it).

Escape is consistent from start to finish–the font, the dystopian streets, the landscapes, the costumes, the dialogue, the score, the eye patch. Most importantly, though, was its consistency in gratuity and self-indulgence. Everything made sense based on the universe and vibe that was presented to us. It’s also in the sweet spot of film length that gets and gets out quick, keeping you engrossed the whole time. Kurt Russell looked like he didn’t hesitate one bit when given the script and had his fun with Snake. It’s also only fitting that two hall-of-fame voice actors play key characters (South Park’s Chef and Spongebob’s Mermaid Man). 

I like to imagine this is a parallel dimension of the Warriors universe, where Cyrus never got shot and the gangs banded together and took the city over. This forced New York to close off the city. Once closed, they thought why not just toss all our worst prisoners in there too? I need to finish up my John Carpenter filmography. I’m realizing I love this guy.

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