• VHS 94

    VHS 94


    Creepy as usual and often shocking, but lacking a little oomph. This one seems the bargain basement of the series as a bigger budget would of helped I think.

  • Babysitter Must Die

    Babysitter Must Die


    Low budget home invasion movie with a horror theme that waits too long to get going. The lead character is the oldest looking babysitter ever, why not go with someone a little younger looking? Had some opportunity for a few light moments but they were wasted. Sometimes a movie like this will surprise you, thus one not so much.

  • Zone 414

    Zone 414


    Guy Pearce was wasted in this movie as he is not given much to do. Blade Runner influenced without the budget and or supporting cast. Not terrible but not good either.

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    Jake G battling his own demons while trying to help a family in trouble. For this movie you will need subtitles as there is a lot of mumbling. The lead character has to be the worst 911 dispatcher of all time, but Jake makes him interesting even if it takes the whole movie for him to own up to his past actions.

  • Beckett



    Washington does an excellent job as you feel every twist and turn bump and bruise right along with him as it happens. Fast paced and exciting. I also enjoyed the Greek setting. One hour and 50 minutes of time well spent.

  • Don't Breathe 2

    Don't Breathe 2


    Not as suspenseful as the first movie, but Stephen Lang’s character is still a Badass.

  • SAS: Red Notice

    SAS: Red Notice


    Good cast and action sequences made this movie enjoyable for me. Not everyone is a fan of Ruby Rose, but she was ok in this.

  • Army of One

    Army of One


    When Hoffman is on screen and kicking butt the movie is interesting, when the action slows not so much

  • Assault on VA-33

    Assault on VA-33


    Took way too long for the action to start kicking in. Sean Patrick looks a little long in the tooth and is stiff as board fighting Mark D, but at least he is taking things seriously. Holden and Jai White look like they rather be anywhere else besides acting in this movie.

  • Till Death

    Till Death


    Second movie in my Megan Fox movie doubleheader (first one being Rogue). This seems to be more in her “wheelhouse”. Nice remote snowy cabin/house location and a plot that does not try to do too much. Seems to me she handles the cold much better than the average human which strains believability a little, but this movie was also not too bad.

  • Rogue



    I don’t really buy Megan Fox as a battle hardened soldier or her capability of leading a bunch of rugged guys into battle, if you overlook those couple of items, this movie is not too bad. I enjoyed the attacking Lioness angle which added some needed tension.

  • Sweet Girl

    Sweet Girl


    I enjoyed this movie and had a good time while watching. Like most movies of this sort some of what happens is unbelievable and ridiculous but overall it was worth the watch. The ending was not bad wether you saw it coming or not.